Thanks so much for stopping by to learn more about BFB’s Meal Plan your Month “MPM” program.

I’m launching group Culinary Mentoring sessions.

These programs are not for everyone, so I’m not going to try and sell you. But for those of you who it is for, it will make all the difference in your life.

  • Here’s The Problem:

You’re feeling super overwhelmed and uninspired when it comes to cooking for your dietary restriction leaving you trapped in a “food jail”

But food is a fundamental part of the human experience that everyone should be able to enjoy, so...

Here’s Our Goal for You:

Enjoy food again

by increasing options, And by learning to understand flavour and cook with confidence.

I hope that you find this page helpful for expanding your culinary skills and organizing your pantry so you are inspired by food again.

I’ve helped clients crush dietary limitations             

Now I want to offer EVERYTHING I HAVE in my signature group program to help you eat like a King or Queen and be excited about the food you are cooking and serving to your family


Over the last 20 years I’ve worked in a multitude of kitchens, catering to all sorts of dietary restrictions.

From cheffing in high end restaurants and personal chefs to working on private yachts with picky millionaires and celebrities. And from this I know that...

Even if you are gluten-free, lactose, diabetes, fructose intolerant, or vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, You can easily cook restaurant quality meals at home that meet strict dietary needs.

All you need to know are some simple yet incredibly effective strategies and formulas...

Add a few secrets from a top chef experienced in cooking for dietary restrictions, to support your wellbeing and help you save your hard-earned cash.

I am looking for a handful of people who identify as having at least one of the dietary restrictions I’ve mentioned.

I’m only looking for people who are serious about making some significant changes. If this is you, read on...

Here’s what you learn inside

MPM program Black

Learn how to combine ingredients to make your dishes taste extraordinary, every time, using the Sensory Impact Model.

Foundation image

Learn the four essential keys for transforming from home cook to in-house chef, so you can enjoy restaurant-quality food at home, every day of the week.

Systems image

One big mistake cooks make is that they are under-prepared and lacking systems. Good systems reduce stress and overwhelm, making cooking joyful and food delicious.

Pre Preparation image

Learn customizable hacks to plan, prepare and store like a pro so you can cater for a large family, or a busy work week, or just free up valuable time to enjoy life.

Options image

Discover how to use the BFB Food List to blast away restrictions and create an avalanche of delicious ingredient options.

Learn to transform your cooking and diet in a
group setting, at a just a fraction of the cost of my

$15k+ a monthone-on-one sessions.

  • Here’s Our Goal for You:

Get you cooking restaurant-quality food at home

Live virtual workshops

Designed to quickly transforming your cooking skills in just 60-90 minutes! This interactive class provides the bulk of your new understandings and concepts, to equip you to practice what you have learnt between the sessions. BFB sessions are jam packed with value. All killer no filler!

BFB's Private group

Packed with instructional videos, easy-to-follow cheat sheets and direct access to me, and active BFB community members, to ‘future-proof’ your success.

BFB Welcome Pack

All new members of the BFB community who purchase a Multi-Session Pack receives a pack containing the ‘Nourished Cookbook’, and some culinary treats, delivered direct to your door. There are no additional shipping costs, even for our international guests.

Here’s how we will work together to get you

The Coaching

My goal is to get you to approach meal time like a chef, and at the same time to collect some great case studies as examples of success. The more you implement… the more I’ll work with you. 

I want you to succeed…
You’ve got full access to myself and my team Monday to Friday (and I sometimes pop in on weekends). You will also have one 60-90 minute ‘Group Coaching Calls’ per week, designed to get you firing. You can ask me absolutely anything on our calls.

The Content

Access easy-to-follow videos, PDF’s, cheat sheets, spreadsheets and documents immediately in the BFB Heartbeat group. Each training is short, generally between 5-25 minutes keeping things easy to implement (most average 5 mins).

The Community

The BFB Heartbeat group is a community of everyday people seeking to unlock better eating, just like you. I’m also in there to answer your questions too. Soak up collective insights, wisdom, experience and support from these amazing humans.

Are you ready to get started?

There are really 3 things you are going to need...

Icon Plan

A Plan

Icon the tool

The Tools

& Support

Learn to cook food you would expect in a good restaurant, and open up a huge variety of amazing ingredients you never knew you could eat!

Does this actually work?

While we could talk all day about the BFB program, we know that feedback from our past
clients is probably what you want...

Emilija Adam’s approach to coaching is truly admirable and effective. He worked with me towards a positive outlook on situations and enabled me to feel grounded and understand my ways of thinking. I would highly recommend and look forward to more coaching sessions with Adam ✨


Adam has shown great respect, flexibility and patience in managing our families dietary needs.  Over the time we have engaged his services he has helped us navigate a wide range of challenges from fructose intolerance, to the elimination of inflammatory foods, gluten free and an alkalised diet.  His approach demonstrates great depth of knowledge and creativity.  The food he prepares is always delicious and nutritious and we never feel like we are missing out regardless of our dietary restrictions.


This book is great, it’s been so refreshing since learning the BFB method. My food tastes better, I am less stressed and I don’t need to worry anymore about what I’m going to make the kids for dinner because everything tastes great now!


You’ve probably got questions, Right?

How much time will I need each week?

And with as little as 30 minutes per day (Mon-Fri) 2.5 hours a week is enough to move forward successfully. And considering most people spend at least this much time in the kitchen anyway, it’s probably not going to use up any additional time. If you don’t have 2.5hrs/wk to cook for yourself and work on your skills in the kitchen, this program isn’t a good fit for you.

What if I’m a beginner and am terrible at cook

We have different strategies based on where you are on your cooking journey. The program is designed to give you the plan and all the tools, so you can cook, even if you are just starting out with limited experience in the kitchen!

How long until I see results from this program

That totally depends on how quickly you take action. Some people nail it and start cooking better food immediately, within the first day of joining the program, others work their way through slower and results take longer.

I am a bit of a ‘Know-it-all’. I feel that I’m more advanced and capable than others because of my previous research and experience, and there’s probably not muchmore to learn. Should I join the program?

Please don’t. We’re looking for hungry, determined, open minded people who are willing to ask, learn, implement and share in our community.

How much does BFB Cost?

I’ve worked with clients charging $10,000+ to learn the same culinary skills and pantry organization strategies that I’ve put together for you in this program.

But I want to enable you to easily get started for much less.

Most members see immediate improvements in their culinary skills and diet, for many others a little bit of daily cooking practice brings results in just weeks.

Who this program is for:

  • People who have an understanding of their dietary needs prior to commencing the course. All dietary restrictions should be discussed with your GP or health practitioner prior to commencement.
  • People feeling overwhelmed and under-resourced.
  • People who are looking for mentorship to enable them to level up their food game.
  • People who are willing to learn and develop new tools in a real and practical way. This includes a commitment to the process of practicing and fully integrating the BFB concepts following the virtual workshops.
  • People who are looking to be active participants in their own journey and in supporting other community members on their journey too.

Who this program is not for:

  • People who are looking for a diagnosis for a particular condition. Please note, we are not health practitioners and cannot give medical advice.
  • This program is not for people who are not willing to put in the work. BFB’s programs can be challenging. We are a ‘Do It With You’ service; we’ll show you how, but you have to implement the strategies. Together we are creating new understandings, new systems and new habits. It takes commitment to make new habits, and while we have great hacks and amazing support, you need to be committed enough to turn these hacks into habits.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. If you don’t begin to enjoy food more, have increased variety and have a less stressed approach in the first 30 days, we will jump on a call and try to spot any missed opportunities. If you’re still not satisfied after receiving my help, I’ll buy it back at full price AND I'll throw in an extra $20 bucks for a cocktail on me.

So how do I get a spot

In BFB’s Meal Plan Your Month?

If you think you are a good fit, click the link below and lets get you winning right away.

Adam Rice