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"PLAN YOUR CHRISTMAS FEAST For Specific dietary needs!"

- Work with a culinary mentor to hack your restrictive diet
- Expand your available dish options
- Make a restaurant quality Christmas feast
Ready to bring more joy into your relationship with food?

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BFB 100% Guarantee

We’re so convinced that we can change your relationship with food that we will refund 100% of the cost of your course if you don’t come away feeling inspired in the kitchen. If our modules don’t completely overhaul your food game, we’ll even send you a bottle of wine.

  • Half day, virtual culinary workshop 
    In the comfort of your own home, running from 9:30am-11:30am on the day of the event, December 17 2020. 
  • This event is Customised to hack any specific dietary requirement
    - Low FODMAP, Gluten free, Lactose free, Vegetarian
  • You will learn:
    - How to use the BFB Food List to help expand your ingredient options.
    - How to use the BFB Sensory Impact Model to build dishes with more wow and flavour.
    - How to plan and prepare for an event for up to 25 people

    - How to 
    utilise the BFB Foundations of Cookery. To enable you to cook epic food customised to your dietary needs every time.
  • The BFB Welcome Package $49
    The BFB Welcome Care Package will be shipped direct to your door. This includes some assorted culinary treats and most importantly- the full printed version of Adam’s own 98 page ‘Nourished Cookbook’, containing the recipes which will be used during the dish demo component of the workshop. Order on step 2 of event registration. 

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