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​BFB’s Culinary Reboot – FREE 1Hr Live WebClass to Your Best Home Cooking

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​How to go from a Home Cook to a Home Chef in 6 Weeks

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​Is it about time that you gave your home cooking a reboot?

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​What You Will Learn In This Free Online Workshop

​Secret #1 – How to hyper-blast your culinary repertoire!

​Has your world come to a stop? Use this time to learn how to cook with confidence!
From methods of cookery, to specialist techniques, all the way through to cuisines and styles, the Culinary Reboot program will teach you to effortlessly integrate these concepts, which will catapult you into a chef extraordinaire!

​Secret #2 – How to make your pantry work for you

​No more need to “panic buy”.
Do you find that you have to go out and buy 10 new ingredients just to cook one recipe?
Let’s go over a winning pantry list which ensures that you can pick up just about any recipe, adapt to what you have, and bang, you’re cooking with gas!

​Secret #3 – How to build a dish with sensory impact

​Restaurants are closed, but with the help of one of Melbourne’s best chefs, soon you will prefer eating in!
Embedded within the Culinary Reboot program, the Sensory Impact Model is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Learn our method for constructing sophisticated flavour, and consistently build amazing dishes! Discover flavour layering, balancing, and understand the nuances that different taste elements give to a recipe.

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About your host

Adam Rice

(Chef, Author, NLP Practitioner, Culinary Mentor) (Yes that is his real Surname!)

Adam’s Culinary Reboot Program is the result of experience in over 500 kitchens - from 2 Hat Restaurants to Private Yachts, and in High End Homes as a Private Chef. His program transforms home cooks into Exclusive Home Chefs within 6 weeks.

Having been in and around kitchens for over 20 years, you might say Adam is “well-seasoned”. Over this time, he worked as a Chef in some of Melbourne’s Top Restaurants including Ezard, Mr Wolf and QT Hotel. His career literally sailed off from 2010, spending a number of years working on various Luxury Yachts for the Rich and Famous, around destinations including America, The Bahamas, The Caribbean and Europe. Upon returning to Melbourne in 2012, Adam continued working as an Exclusive Personal Chef, this time inside some of Melbourne’s most luxurious residences. Over this time, Adam fine-tuned his expertise in a number of cuisines, specialising in Asian Fusion, Modern European and Modern Australian.

Alongside his ongoing work as a Personal Chef, over the past 5 years Adam worked away at his labour of love, Better Food Bureau, which aims to help people remove dietary restrictions and fall in love with cooking. In 2019, alongside his business partner and Nutritionist/Naturopath Carly Meaden, BFB launched its first recipe & lifestyle book titled ‘The Nourished Cookbook’.

As not only a Chef but also an NLP Practitioner, Adam really comes at his culinary coaching from multiple angles, offering solutions which are holistic in their nature.

Additionally, Adam is a specialist when it comes to being able to navigate through the seemingly complicated world that is dietary requirements, and has created a unique system to assist in building variety without restriction, which is provided as one aspect of his free WebClass.

Whether you can eat any ingredient you like or you have a full list of dietary needs, Adam is dedicated to assisting his clients to develop skills and food-hack their way to being able to cook restaurant-quality food in his 6 weeks Culinary Reboot course.

Want more info? Join in the free 1 hour WebClass packed with value and receive a free digital copy of the complete 98-page Nourish Cookbook when you register! Registration above!

Adam is now excited to be offering the ‘Culinary Reboot’ program. This program involves interactive and eye-opening online workshops, tailored to your dietary needs and home kitchen. Think of it as a cooking class on a digital white board in a virtual kitchen, and your homework is the joy of cooking great food.

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