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1. How to use the BFB Food List
2. The BFB Sensory Impact Model and
3. The link between Food, the Brain and the Body.



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The Food List:

With over 500 INGREDIENTS to choose from, the method is simple; remove all undesired ingredients from the list. What remains will be all the ingredients THAT YOU CAN EAT, in one list, at your fingertips.

Using this food list correctly, and consistently, has the potential to completely change your food game. And with the knowledge and confidence to mix and match your ingredient options you can create limitless dishes.

The Sensory Impact Model: 

Say goodbye to needing a recipe every time you cook...

Based on the fundamentals of gastro-physics, the Sensory Impact Model helps you create the flavour profile that makes you (and/ or your guests!) say YUM!

With an understanding of how to use this tool, you are able to build with the elements of taste (sweet, salt, sour and bitter) and flavour (texture, spice, umami, herb and fat) to create a dish with Sensory Impact, just like a chef.

Food, the Brain and the Body:

The food choices we make, the experience and pleasure of eating, and the impact of our eating habits on our health are all intrinsically linked.

Understanding the connection between our memories and our relationship with food, and how food affects the second brain (aka the gut), is the first step to taking your power back.

Are you ready to reduce the stress, build digestive strength and improve your nutrition to improve your wellbeing? Join Adam to understand the internal processes that drive food choices and impact health.




Example of mapping a recipe using the Sensory Impact Model.
The complete recipe is included in the book.


Our goal in the WebClass is to build your knowledge, skills and cookery awareness to help you be better organized, inspired and enthusiastic about getting in the kitchen.

Join us from the comfort of your own kitchen!

About your host


(Chef, Author, NLP Practitioner, Culinary Mentor) (Yes that is his real Surname!)

Adam’s Culinary Reboot Program transforms home cooks into Exclusive Home Chefs within 6 weeks. The program distills essential kitchen skills and knowledge Adam gained in working in 250 kitchens - from 2 Hat Restaurants to Private Yachts, and in High End Homes, as a Private Chef.

Having been in and around kitchens for over 20 years, you might say Adam is “well-seasoned”. Over this time, he worked as a Chef in some of Melbourne’s Top Restaurants including Ezard, Mr Wolf and QT Hotel.

From 2010 Adam spent several years working on various Luxury Yachts for the Rich and Famous, around America, The Bahamas, The Caribbean and Europe. Upon returning to Melbourne in 2012, Adam worked as an Exclusive Personal Chef inside some of Melbourne’s most luxurious residences.

Adam specialises in Asian Fusion, Modern European and Modern Australian cuisines.

Over the past 5 years, alongside his ongoing work as a Personal Chef, Adam founded the Better Food Bureau. BFB helps people banish dietary restrictions and fall in love with cooking.

In 2019, Adam and his business partner, Nutritionist/Naturopath Carly Meaden, launched ‘The Nourished Cookbook’ - BFB’s first recipe & lifestyle book.

What to Expect

He’s not only a Chef, but also an NLP Practitioner, with a unique ability to navigate through the seemingly complicated world of dietary requirements.
Adam has created a unique system to assist in building dietary variety without restriction, and a coaching program that provides holistic solutions.

Whether you can eat any ingredient you like or you have a full list of dietary needs, Adam is dedicated to helping you to develop skills and food-hack your way to cooking restaurant-quality food.

At the end of the WebClass, Adam will offer exclusive access to the 1 Day Dietary Fix and the 6 week ‘Culinary Reboot’ program.

These programs involve interactive and eye-opening online tools and techniques, tailored to your dietary needs and home kitchen. Watch the virtual classes presented from a virtual kitchen, and enjoy your “homework”, applying what you’ve learnt in the comfort of your own home.
Join in the FREE, value packed 1 hour WebClass and get a FREE digital copy of the complete 98-page Nourish Cookbook now.


Cooking is beyond putting food on a plate. Nothing beats sharing an experience with others - especially seeing the joy in the faces of those excited by food.


Emilija Adam’s approach to coaching is truly admirable and effective. He worked with me towards a positive outlook on situations and enabled me to feel grounded and understand my ways of thinking. I would highly recommend and look forward to more coaching sessions with Adam ✨


Adam has shown great respect, flexibility and patience in managing our families dietary needs.  Over the time we have engaged his services he has helped us navigate a wide range of challenges from fructose intolerance, to the elimination of inflammatory foods, gluten free and an alkalised diet.  His approach demonstrates great depth of knowledge and creativity.  The food he prepares is always delicious and nutritious and we never feel like we are missing out regardless of our dietary restrictions.


This book is great, it’s been so refreshing since learning the BFB method. My food tastes better, I am less stressed and I don’t need to worry anymore about what I’m going to make the kids for dinner because everything tastes great now!


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“I’m no longer eating the same 3 meals over and over again!”

Todd L.

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“It’s so much easier to cook delicious meals that don’t make me sick, than I thought it would be.”

Indy P.

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“I’m finally eating food that I really enjoy, for the first time in 10 years.”

Sara J.

Sara J.

Working worth Adam as a food and life coach is the best investment I have ever made in my health. At a time when I had lost direction both personally and physically Adam coached me into a positive mindset. He gave me insight into what was keeping me in a negative holding pattern and enabled me to tune into my passions and values. Above all, Adam gave me the knowledge and skills to reform a deep self-connection that has empowered me with the self-belief necessary to move forward in life. Adam showed me how to reach my full potential in how to achieve a healthy mind and body and well as how to cook insane food. If you have a desire to reconnect and achieve your full potential, I highly recommend Adam. He has an uncanny ability to shine light where there is dark and help you to path your own way to success.


Adam’s method of teaching was fantastic. He relates to all knowledge levels.
- highly informative
- highly recommend
- niki


Adams food coaching was so good. As a professional chef he really understands all of the elements required to create magical food. With this, and a coach approach I was able to learn how to create delicious food, in a range of cuisines, every time. Highly recommend


Working with Adam was great — an inspiring chef with a keen eye for detail!


Ready to build your knowledge, skills and cookery awareness
to be better organized, inspired and enthusiastic in the kitchen?


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