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Cook Healthy, Full flavoured food that wont break the bank

Introducing the foundations of intelligent food choices, intuitive health, and wellbeing strategy

Luscious Flavoured Food, Healthy Cooking and a bank balance kept intact.

Ever feel that your head is reeling like a spinning top when it comes to your health and wellbeing? Or you have a desire to eat healthily but all the options seem so insanely boring? We hear you!
At Better Food Bureau we understand feeling consistently good often takes commitment, perseverance, the right choices, plenty of sweat and maybe even tears. In a fast-paced, results-driven world, why does eating have to be so complicated too?!

Amplify your health in a flash

Our BFB eBook is loaded with information and tools designed to give you chef precision, knowledge, and abundance in your everyday home cooking.
It demonstrates how you can massively improve your nutrition and enjoyment of food… and take pride and satisfaction in planning and preparing meals like a professional chef!
Simply click the “download my ebook” tab and it’s yours with no obligation.

What do I get?

  • Recipes and material written by Qualified Chef, Naturopath and Nutritionist.
  • Simple and foolproof systems to create ease and flow In the kitchen.
  • How-to guidelines for stocking your pantry and buying fresh produce.
  • Invitation to join the Facebook group and receive my free monthly coaching calls
  • Post workshop support
  • Discounts on large numbers and further programs

What’s different about this eBook?

Rather than writing complicated and hard to follow meal plans we have taken a different approach. How awesome would it be if you could just whip something amazing up with what was in your cupboards? Imagine if you could feed you and your family for up to 2 weeks with a sound plan of having food in the freezer for the nights you can’t be bothered? What about some cracking ideas to jazz up your favourite dishes? We want to give you a base to build a fantastic dish from scratch and a set of tools for those times when you need to put together something extraordinary.

Who are we?

I’m Adam Rice, Chef, Wellbeing Coach and founder of Better Food Bureau.

I’m so excited you’ve visited this page today.

Here at BFB we help people achieve their health and wellness goals.

We do this by helping you understand where you’re at now, and where you want to be.

We help you to identify your challenges and limiting beliefs, then work with you to formulate your own strategy for success.

Think of it as project management for your life.

We figure out what you want, when you want it, how to get the tools you’ll need for success.

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And if all you want is a quick 15 min chat to ask a few questions, it’s Free of charge.

What our clients say

“This book is great, it’s been so refreshing since learning the BFB method. My food tastes better, I am less stressed and I don’t need to worry anymore about what I’m going to make the kids for dinner because everything tastes great now!”

Anne – Gold Coast


Your change for success begins here. Contact us now.

Because we’re so eager to help people start doing cool stuff, every 3 months we offer a small number of free consultations. Our 6o minute FREE consultation will show you how a few small changes in your diet and lifestyle can make you happier and healthier. We’ll send you a health and wellness self-assessment form which you will need to do by our initial consultation. This form helps you to get a real picture of where your health and wellness is at. We usually charge $175 for this – so you’re in luck! Just enter your details here and schedule your session now! And if all you want is a quick 15 min chat to ask a few questions, it’s Free of charge.