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At Better Food Bureau, we don’t just make you have a compliant food safety plan. We show you how to recreate your signature dishes so every customer gets the full gastronomic experience they deserve.

From Hot Dog Stands To 2 Hatted Restaurants

It doesn’t matter what kind of food service you provide, you must have a food safety plan by law. Unfortunately, in my personal experience many restaurants either don’t, or have glaring problems with the one they do. And that means if there’s an incident at your venue, you could be in big trouble. With Better Food Bureau Allergen Management Program, we’ll teach you and your staff everything you need to know to make sure you keep all of your customers safe, happy and coming back for more.

Getting This Right Could Boost Your Customer Numbers By 20%

20% of Aussies have some form of food allergy or intolerance. If they don’t feel safe dining at your venue, or you’re just taking out ingredients and serving them bland, boring versions of your dishes, that’s 20% of customers that aren’t coming back to your restaurant. That’s why it’s critical not just to tick off the basics, but make them feel welcome and give them the same experience that your other customers get.

Here’s What You’ll Learn On Our Allergen Management Program

First, we’ll perform a full audit of your food safety program to make sure your operation is compliant. We can even engage an external food safety auditor if you desire. Then we’ll identify areas you need to improve and guide you through that process. We’ll also train all of your staff on the allergen management procedure so everyone knows what to do. This includes showing you where you can draw the line with difficult customers – WITHOUT risking your reputation.

  • Overview of allergies and intolerances
  • Information and sourcing of food items
  • Wholefoods identification list
  • Recipe and dish development techniques
  • Product sourcing recommendation
  • FOH and BOH training
  • Client liaison templates
  • Problem solving strategies

Serve Your Signature Dishes Without Sacrificing The Taste

At Better Food Bureau, we believe you should always exceed your customers’ expectations. You wouldn’t serve an ordinary dish to a customer. Similarly, we don’t just teach procedures and compliance. Our expert chefs will go one step further and show you how to create your signature dishes allergen free without sacrificing taste or quality. And we’ll even help you with the marketability of your menu, helping you design dishes that are fun, interesting and safe for all dietary restrictions, while staying true to your style and cuisine. It’s not an easy thing to do, in fact, we’re the only allergen training program that does this. But our chefs love the challenge!

My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee To You

Having opened many food businesses, I understand how tight money can be. I also understand that there are many consultants out there who promise the world but deliver much less. That’s why I’m willing to back all of my services with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. In short, if you feel like you haven’t learned anything and I haven’t helped your business in any way, I’ll happily refund every cent you’ve paid me.

What our clients say

As Executive chef at one of Melbourne’s premier yacht clubs with a busy restaurant and functions venue, I know the importance of providing quality food that caters to the growing number of patrons with food intolerances and allergies.

Under the expert guidance of Adam, AllerChef enhanced the knowledge and skills of my team in creating modern, tasty dishes for our patrons with specific dietary requirements. AllerChef also gave valuable advice on menu design and product identification.

Feedback from our patrons has been overwhelmingly positive. I would not hesitate to recommend AllerChef to other chefs and venue.

Kol Gemmel Sandringham Yacht club



Claim Your FREE 60-Minute Allergen Session

For a limited time, I’m offering a FREE 60 Minute Allergen Strategy Session. Whether you own a small café or an expansive chain of restaurants, I’ll answer all of your burning questions. We’ll discuss your current allergen management plan, the pain points you’re experiencing and the best way to solve them. And don’t worry, you won’t be speaking to a salesperson. You’ll be consulting directly with me. But I urge you to hurry, spots are limited and they book out fast!