Identify the blocks that hold you back from achieving the ultimate you

  • Mental: Manage your stress, your story and your emotional relationship with food

  • Physical: The visible expression of who you are through food, movement and your daily habits

  • Ecological: Maintaining a lifestyle that harmonious with the world around you

Do you feel you're still going around in circles? Tired of doing health and wellness programs that don't stick?

I’m Adam Rice, Chef, Mindset Coach and founder of Better Food Bureau.

I’m so excited you’ve visited this page today.

Here at BFB we help people achieve their health and wellness goals.

We do this by helping you understand where you’re at now, and where you want to be.

We help you to identify your challenges and limiting beliefs, then work with you to formulate your own strategy for success.

Think of it as project management for your life.

It’s about timelines, resources, and deliverables. What you want, by when, and the tools you need to get there.

Upgrade the way you think, feel and act. Teach your body to appreciate and recognize the things that make it feel good

We have more than 30 years’ combined experience in cooking, nutrition, wellness, and personal empowerment.

We created Better Food Bureau so that YOU can plug into our pool of knowledge…and dramatically improve your quality of life through a holistic, low-stress approach to life.

We understand maintaining balance is hard. The reality is that trying to weave in new habits and get rid of old ones can present some lofty challenges.  Sometimes your new stuff doesn’t mesh with your old stuff and it all feels a bit fraudulent. We get it. We’ve been there. We’re still there! What we do is help you find the thing that works for you, and that won’t mean you have to shake your life like a snowglobe to implement it.

We’re not talking about ‘perfection’. Far from it. Life should be about experiencing everything in all its messy glory. Here at BFB we hate restrictions and limitations. What we want to do for you is help you to be better at choosing the times, ways, and methods you enjoy the things in life. We want you to be aware of what makes you feel happy, sad, energised, tired, and then set up a lifestyle that helps you get more of the good stuff.

You can’t stop the world spinning around you – but you can change how you react to it, the choices you make, and the way you decide to feel.

So the program itself – its a bit of food coaching and cooking technique, its a bit of self-assessment, and its a heap of strategizing.

We reckon that the way you operate in your normal everyday life has a lot to do with your health goals and how often you achieve them. We reckon that consistency is key to hitting your targets more often – and that being organized and forward thinking is key to this.

How can you ever reach your destination if you don’t know where it is on the map?

What we’re trying to say is, why can’t you manage your wellbeing like you manage any other successful part of your life?

Want to learn a bit more about our holistic approach to the importance of good health?

Want to learn a bit more about our ethos around food and wellbeing?

Down our eBook now and we’ll talk you through the basics of food and nutrition, organic vs conventional, wholefoods vs packaged, and how to start assessing what’s holding you back from your goals.

The BFB eBook is packed with information and tools designed to give you chef precision, knowledge, and abundance in your everyday home cooking. We even take a look at managing food allergies and intolerances.

It walks you through how to massively improve your nutrition and enjoyment of food…and take joy and pride in planning and preparing meals like a professional chef!

Simply fill out the short form below and hit the link — and it’s yours with no obligation.

Now you CAN create, cook, and eat healthy food that means you don't have to live like a hermit or have 3 months of food prepped meals in the freezer!

No matter what your health goals — we want you to know your choices and needs are no barrier to living deliciously.

We want you to be able to get home from work, open the fridge, and be confident you can throw together a nourishing meal. No more excuses. ‘I’m tired and can’t be bothered’. NOPE. ‘I dont have time’ NOPE. ‘I dont know how to put together a healthy meal without spending a fortune’. NOPE.

We’ll show you how to stock your fridge and pantry so you can always feed yourself something decent within 10 mins. NO EXCUSES.

We’re all about helping you create clarity, ease and flow in your kitchen, diet and life.

Wanna chat to us about getting things moving?

Because we’re so keen on helping people to start doing cool stuff, every 3 months we offer a small number of free consultations.

We want to speak with you one-on-one, learn your unique situation, do some research, and then provide you with a plan to change your trajectory.

We’re chefs, coaches AND nutritionists.

And to show you how much healthier and happier you can become — with just a FEW key changes to your diet and lifestyle — we’re offering a FREE 60-minute consultation.

As prep for this we’ll send you a health and wellness self-assessment form, which we’ll ask you to fill out before your session, and then we’ll walk through it with you on the day of your appointment.

We usually charge $250 for this.

Even if you just want to have a quick 15 min chat to ask a few questions. No charge.

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